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Reference D/A converter with integrated preamp


Proprietary signal conditioning circuits

Discrete I-U stage; allowing the implementation of the state of the art requirements of the DAC chip. Almost all manufacturers rely on ready-made op (operational amplifier) solutions; unfortunately, there is not a single component on the world market that is good enough. In SATIE, therefore, the consistent pursuit of a discrete stage with impressive performance data and sound quality is pursued.

Flag ship ESS Technology DAC chip

Digital to analogue conversion is carried out by the ES9038PRO Sabre chip, regarded as one of the finest silicon implementations in the industry. This chip incorporates innovative circuits delivering spectacular music free from annoying artefacts. 4x balanced 32-bit D/A converter per channel pass over audio to our proprietary discrete analogue circuits. The femto master clock with a clock accuracy of under 0.1ps clock jitter makes this approach feasible.

Analogue volume control / preamp functionality

SATIE uses a highly sophisticated log. ladder network controlled by gold contact relays forming a constant impedance passive attenuator. This architecture achieves the advantages of an active buffer stage without, however, having to accept the disadvantages of additional noise and distortion. By using this outstanding preamp functionality for an external analogue signal (e.g. phono stage) will make SATIE the last preamp you will ever need.

Digital filter with selectable characteristic

The user may select any from 6 filter options on the fly. Besides a standard PCM, high stop band rejection FIR filter giving the best performance on the bench, there are several other options to choose from.

3x Femto master clocks with TJ<0,0000000000001s

SATIE employs 3 high performance clocks, one for 44.1kHz frequency group, one for the 48kHz frequency group and the third for the reclocking data buffer.